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In this booklet you will find all the information needed to begin the Bone Marrow Nei Kung Practices. Bone Marrow Nei Kung is a system of health developed by the ancient Taoist Masters for the cultivation of internal power. They discovered that, through the process of absorbing energy into the bones, bone marrow can be revitalized to replenish the blood and nourish the life-force within. Many healers have sought these methods, which are known to make the body impervious to illness and disease. In ancient times, the “Steel Body” attained through this practice was a coveted asset in the fields of Chinese medicine and martial arts. Today the copious health benefits of this art are sought after by health enthusiasts from all walks of life. The Taoist methods of “regrowing” the bone marrow are crucial to the rejuvenation of the body, which in turn rejuvenates the mind and the spirit. These secrets have never before been revealed, but now their disclosure is necessary to instill the sensibilities of the masters into an energy-deficient society. In this booklet, Master Mantak Chia divulges the step-by-step practices of his predecessors in a useful and informative work, written for the health and spiritual well-being of today’s worlds.

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