Chi Nei Tsang I Techniques [DVD103]



First Global Chi Nei Tsang Convention
27 – 29 August 2010 By Master Mantak Chia
at Tao Garden, Thailand.

Grand Master Chia mentioned the importance to keep the structure of Chi Nei Tsang I as it is explained in his book, Chi Nei Tsang I, Internal Organ Chi Massage to teach the techniques to release knots, tangles and tension from the small and large intestine and the five major organs.

Only this way, by teaching a clear structure, the Chi Nei Tsang/Cosmic Healing Branch can grow and within not too long the opportunity will come to be recognized globally which will benefit all of us.

Running Time 2 hours 56 minutes

Disc 1

  1. CNT Convention by Mc (45:01 Mins)
  2. CNT Convention by Gilles (17:15 Mins)

Disc 2

  1. CNT Convention by Dorothy (28:40 Mins)
  2. CNT Convention by Masahiro (15:25 Mins)
  3. Tao Garden Introduction (08:31 Mins)