Chi Nei Tsang III [BL42]


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Muscle, Tendon and Meridian Massage Chi Nei Tsang III is the fourth section of the Chi Nei Tsang series following Chi Nei Tsang I (Organ Massage), Chi Nei Tsang II (Channel Massage) and Karsai Nei Kung (Genital Massage) with Chi Nei Tsang III (Muscle, Tendon & Meridian Massage) as the last section. This is the final chapter of the Chi Nei Tsang Internal Massage moving the energy (chi) throughout the body while releasing and opening up its passages. Through this massage section in this booklet you will use the hand techniques (finger presser, twisting & spiraling, hand scooping & wave techniques) used in Chi Nei Tsang I to open up and release the brockages in the Abdominal, Arteries, Muscles, Tendons, Vertebras, Shoulder Blades, Coccyx, Arms, Legs, Feet, Joints, Hands, Neck and Meridian Lines layout in this booklet. This booklet is an introduction to the forth coming book Chi Nei Tsang III by Mantak Chia with co-author Chong-Mi Mueller which will go into greater detail and explaination for opening up the muscles, tendons and meridian lines in the body. 53 pages