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Virtually all Western massage is massage primarily of the muscles. Whatever its virtues, Western massage is altogether different frpm Chi Massage. Tao Rejuvenation employs o­ne’s own intemal energy, Chi energy, to strengthen and rejuvenate the sense organs—eyes, ears, nose, tongue, teeth and skin—and the inner organs. The techniques used by Taoists are some five thousand years old and, until very recently, were closely guarded secrets passed o­n from a Master to a small group of students. Often, too, each Master knew o­nly a small part. Now Master Chia has pieced together the entire system of Chi Massage in a logical sequence in such a way that o­nce you have it shown to you, you need o­nly five or ten minutes of practice daily. In short order you will note improvement in complexion, taste, vision, hearing, sinuses, gums, teeth, tongue, the internal organs and general stamina. Master Mantak Chia, born in Thailand, comes from the ancient lineage of Taoist Masters, extirpated in China and now existing in dwindling numbers among the Overseas Chinese. He also has a Western education in anatomy and physiology. Now in the Northern Thailand, he has developed a clear and practical way of teaching this ancient wisdom, much of it hitherto kept secret. He is also the author of Awakening Healing Energy and Taoist Secrets of Love and Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality. Master Mantak Chia’s healing work is being presented in the New York metropolitan community by a number of practitioners trained by Master Chia. They are Lawrence Young, M.D., internist and attending physician, New York Infirmary Beekman Downtown Hospital; C. Y Hsu, M.D., physician-in-charge of the Acupuncture and Nerve Block Clinic, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Stephen Pan, Ph.D., Director of East Asian Research Institute; Harry Brown, M.D., psychiatrist.

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