Drilled Natural Carnelian Egg Set, 3 Pieces plus Massage Wand


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Carnelian stones are known to purify the heart and cleanse the soul from negativity. Now, in the form of a yoni egg, it combines the natural healing properties of carnelian stones and the health benefits of Kegel exercise.

Why do you perform Kegel exercise? Is it to restore your vagina’s elasticity? Or is it to have a stronger bladder and rectal control? Whatever your goal is, there is nothing more fulfilling than receiving the healing of these Natural Carnelian Yoni Eggs. Transform your Kegel exercise routines into meditation to manifest self-love, cleanse the soul, and achieve a stress-free mindset.

Each of these yoni eggs is carefully carved from natural carnelian gemstones that give it the natural bands of gray and orange. In addition, each yoni egg is also drilled so you can tie a string made of natural fibers for easy retrieval. Those with more experience can easily squeeze out their yoni egg using their vaginal muscles instead.

This set comes with three yoni eggs in different sizes. So, regardless if you are a beginner, mid-level user, or a yoni egg guru, there is always a perfect size for you. You will be happy to know that it also comes with a wand that is made of the same gemstone. It’s a perfect tool to use when you are meditating or massaging your body.

For first time use, cleanse your yoni egg by using some water, the purest element on earth, some antibacterial soap, then wipe it dry. Do the same procedure before and after. Keep it in a sanitized container or in a small purse so you can take it with you anywhere.

Egg size with Medium, Small and Extra Small

  • Medium: 45 * 30 mm
  • Small: 40 * 25 mm
  • Extra Small: 30 * 20 mm

Massage Wand 11 cm