Darkroom detox set & PiguDarkroom detox set & Pigu

Pi Gu – Energy Fasting


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Pi Gu – Energy Fasting

30 days 60 Pigu pills = 3,600 THB
20 days 40 Pigu pills = 2,400 THB
10 days 20 Pigu pills = 1,200 THB
5 days 10 Pigu pills = 600 THB

*postage not include

What is Pi Gu?

It is an ancient Taoist/Chinese way of fasting that is used during higher spiritual retreats. It literally means ‘to stop eating grains’. The need for food decreases but the body’s energy increases. It is more than fasting, though, as it involves Qi Gong and Energy Meditation to help enables the practices used in the darkroom.

1 Pigu pill is 60 THB

Pigu herb can store 6 months. Once ordered Pi Gu Pills should be kept in the fridges. Recommend 2 pills per day.
For the vegan version of Detox Set, please add a note in your order.

More information: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MasXsjsNEY4df-Gi6OkIkT6Llx3no8pA/view

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Darkroom Pigu

10 days 20 Pigu pills, 20 days 40 Pigu pills, 30 days 60 Pigu pills, 5 days 10 Pigu pills