Five Element Nutrition [B61]


Master Chia revealed his unique specialized form of Chinese Astrology in ‘Inner Alchemy Astrology’. Now with this book he illustrates how you can further strengthen your Birth Chi with your eating habits and reveals new compatibilities in your relationships.


            Your birth chart reveals your own personal profile of the Five Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, plus the changing energy cycles you meet throughout your life. Your daily well-being depends very much on the food you ingest and your relationships in your life. These major concerns give you constant choices and Master Chia unfolds ancient Chinese guidance on making wise decisions. In this book you will discover what foods fit into your internal balance connecting with your Cosmic Element Energies.


            You will learn to appreciate the personality traits, ideal career paths, emotional and health issues of your friends, family and associates and how to interact with them most effectively resulting in better communication and relationships for you.


            Master Mantak Chia and Christine share their over 40 years working with Five Element Nutrition combined with his Inner Alchemy Astrology program harmonizing your health and emotional issues impacting your careers and personal relationships based on your natal and element chart and organ strength revealed in this book.