Comb Guasa [G3]


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นวดหัว กัวซาหวี (Comb Guasa) Guasa Head massage / Guasa Hair Brush Massage

Guasa Therapy serves as a therapeutic treatment with a health texture

Guasa for Disease Treatment-a more direct effect compared to reflexology and more convenient than acupuncture.

3 Easy Guasa Methods
1. Guasa for Comfort: enhance body strength and leaves you feeling fresh and Comfortable after Guasa Therapy
2. Guasa for Health Care-promote blood circulation. (No more pain after blood Circulation becomes normal)

Black short

Black long

Brown long

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Weight 50 g
Guasa [3]

Black Comb 13 line, Black Comb 9 line, Black Handle Comb, Brown Handle Comb