Immune System Chi Kung [DVD114]



The Immune System Chi Kung is one of Universal Healing Tao practice that help us to activate our immune system and our glands for general well being and healthy life.

By draw the earth force up to our hip and using the laughing technique, we activate the bone marrow in the sacrum bone and femoral bone and we stimulate the production of the stem cells.

In the next process Master Mantak Chia explain how hit the body using the bamboo hitter for generate vibrations, stimulation and regeneration process of external tissue and internal bone marrow.

Running Time 2 hours

Disc_1 (51 mins)

  1. Tao System (02:33 mins)
  2. Theory (14:48 mins)
  3. Activate the Bone Marrow (34:12 mins)

Disc_2 (70 mins)

  1. Laughing Vibration inside the Bone (32:18 mins)
  2. Activate the Immune System (28:22 mins)
  3. Tao Promote Intro (09:53 mins)