Opalite yoni eggs Set, 3 Pieces plus Massage Wand


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There are two types of Opalite: Natural Opalite and Opalite. If you are unsure of the differences between the two, Opalite is a man-made gemstone that is composed of glass and elements from the mineral Opal. It can display a clear to milky white opacity, sometimes with soft hues of orange or pink. Since it’s still created from a natural mineral, Opalite still has its own healing properties.

Opalite yoni eggs are all-around healers, which means that they can be used for almost any ailment and disorder. It is the most recommended stone to use when meditating, as it can enhance your spiritual communication and all the other forms of communication. They are also capable of stabilizing your emotional moods and feelings and have the power to guide you in the roller coaster ride of emotions you might be having. If you have a business, the Opalite yoni eggs can also help you succeed in your chosen career path.

Opalite yoni eggs are beneficial for bringing peace to all, not just to the individual harnessing its powers. Harmony and serenity are attracted to anyone who uses this stone, especially if those are needed in the home, in the workplace, or with one’s self.

They can also improve your sexual experiences. Opalite yoni eggs also symbolize love, sexuality, intimacy, passion, desire, sexual prowess, and eroticism.

Regardless of it being man-made, Opalite yoni eggs can help in purifying the blood and kidneys. Dubbed as the “Stone of Eternity”, it can help you embrace your true self, unleashing the power of your true spirit. It will give you the motivation to soar high and make the impossible possible. Your dreams will be pushed to make them a reality, to explore and to be, to make them come true, and they should not just remain as dreams. Opalite yoni eggs enable you to achieve all of that.

Egg size with Medium, Small and Extra Small

  • Medium: 45 * 30 mm
  • Small: 40 * 25 mm
  • Extra Small: 30 * 20 mm

Massage Wand 11 cm