Origins of Chi Nei Tsang [B64]



Mantak Chia started teaching the Taoist practices in New York since 1976 and has built up the Universal Healing Tao System educating thousands of people all over the world. Mantak Chia has developed different levels of Chi Nei Tsang, which help the different body parts and systems with special techniques for the internal organs for health problems especially clearing of the abdominal sexual area, activation of the four body diaphragms of the body and latest input applying micro-current wave technique to unblock the nervous system of the body.

Josefine started learning Chi Nei Tsang from level one in the early 1990’s and is continuously using it in single sessions and in teaching. From the very beginning she has been updated from level to level learning process as organizer and German translator of Master Mantak Chia and of course through the practices.

In this book Master Chia and Josefine have given you a detailed description of the Chi Nei Tsang I practices and origin, an overview about the different levels of Chi Nei Tsang with medical explanation, and the updated version of all the basic CNT techniques and practices as the second healing art of the Universal Healing Tao System for students and CNT certified practitioners.

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