Rock Quartz




Our Transparent Crystal Quartz Yoni Egg is carved from premium rock quartz which is able to stimulate energy flow and boosts up the immune system. It is good to liven up your body when it is weary from stress and emotional worries. It also has properties that aid in thought processing for your creativity to flow.

Aside from the mentioned benefits, this yoni egg is used to help in Kegel exercises. This maneuver is useful for those who want to tone up their pelvic floor muscles for improvement of posture and breathing. The idea is to be able to insert the egg inside the vagina and exert enough effort to keep it tucked inside while doing daily chores or during meditation. By adding the yoni egg, the exerted effort becomes a lot stronger as the weight of the egg will pose a challenge.

The clenching of vaginal muscles actually tone up the muscles inside and make them stronger. Having toned up vaginal walls will give you a tighter pussy, making orgasm more intense. So you can forget about going under the knife for a vaginal repair because with this stone, you will reclaim your youthful prowess and be the sex vixen you have always wanted to be.


  • Large: 50 * 35 mm
  • Medium: 45 * 30 mm
  • Small: 40 * 25 mm
  • Extra Small: 30 * 20 mm

Additional information

Weight 90 g
Jade Egg size

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