Tendon Nei Kung [B31]


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Tendon Nei Kung Exercises are specifically designed to aid in the growing and strengthening of the tendons cultivating the true strength of the body. The practices of Tendon Nei Kung in this book will yield a substantial strength in the body which will be there to serve into the last years of our lives and greatly aids in preventing and curing arthritis as the poisonous acid is forced out of the body to make space for the healing energy, Chi. Tendons become Supple and Strong The knowledge of amazing strength of the Tendons is revealed in this book. Master Chia has spent many years studying nature and developing exercises that would strengthen the tendons in the best possible way; his results are explained in this book. Tendon Nei Kung practice makes the tendons supple and strong while also opening the joints up. The raw energy can then be stored in these open spaces in the joints and between the tendons allowing us to take in more energy. Once this is done we can start to transform this raw energy into higher creative and spiritual energy. Eight Postures, Partner Practice & Mung Bean Hitting Practicing the Tendon Nei Kung Eight Forms opens up the spinal cord and benefits our organs. Chi pressure is also developed in these practices. By practicing the Eight Positions you strengthen and grow all of the various tendons in the body. Consistently practicing in this way will greatly strengthen your tendons as a unit. The efficiency of the tendon changing exercises can be tested and increased by doing the forms with a partner in the Partner Practice along with the Mung Beans Bag Hitting Practice revealed in this book which brings relief for constipation, detoxification, stomach cramps and used for healing headaches.

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