Traditional Tok Sen [TK02]




Tok Sen is a unique healing modality found only in the Lanna region of Thailand?? It dates back over 5000 years, developing in Thailand while acupuncture developed in China.

Tok means  “to clear”, while “Sen” denotes the energy lines. Tok Sen helps to improve energy flow, relieve aching muscles and maintain healthy tendons.

How it works? Wooden tools send mechanical and sound vibrations deep into the fascia, tendons, and muscles to clear blocked energy from the channels in the body.

Have a look at this video demonstration: HERE

1. Hammer at occipital area to treat dizziness and headache.
2. Hammer at Right shoulder and down through arm to treat right shoulder pain.
3.Hammer at Rt. And Lt. breast to treat fingers tip numbness or pain.
4. Lower back pain from Kidney problem: not allow to hammer but if it is not cause by kidney problem, it is allowed.
5. Back pain down through both legs and numbness to tip of toes, check nerve compression.
6. Back and leg muscle tight.
7. Hamstring(back thigh) pain: Treat in prone position.
8. Knee pain by bone spur or swelling, don’t hammer.
9. Hammer at chest to treat chest pain.
10. Hammer below malleolus to treat hemiplegia and paraplegia patients.
11. Hammer in front of knees to treat headache.
12. Hammer at arm to shoulder to treat wry mouth.
13. Hammer at chest below clavicle to treat scapular pain.
14. Hammer below Rt. And Lt. chin to treat shoulder pain.
15. Hammer at arm and shoulder to treat hand syndrome.
16. Hammer at arm and to treat hand numbness.
17. Hammer at elbow to treat elbow syndrome.
18. Hammer at breast to treat air swelling.
19. Hammer at thigh close to sexual organ to treat foot swelling from air.
20. Hammer at calf to detox blood.
21. Hammer at shoulder to arm to treat trunk tightness from air.
22. Hammer at top of thigh to middle of thigh to treat urine frequently.
23. Hammer at malleolus up through knee, thigh and breast to treat wry mouth.
24. Hammer at tendon close to sacrum to treat urinary incontinence.
25. Hammer at side of foot to treat muscle tightness.
26. Hammer at paravertebral muscles (neck to lumbar) to treat stiff neck.
27. Hammer at lumbar down through thigh, knee and shin to treat feet tightness and stiffness.
28. Hammer to treat trunk muscles stiffness at both sacrum bone.
29. Hammer at malleolus up through sides of knees to treat stiff knees and legs.
30. Hammer at middle of calf on lateral side to treat feeling hot at the sole.
31. Hammer at knees to thigh to treat shin problem.
32. Hammer at lumbar to treat lumbar problem.

Tok Sen Advantages
1. Increase blood circulation which nourishs tendon and releases discharge faster.
2. Relax muscles, tightness muscles will squeeze capillary which will decrease blood circulation to muscles cause muscles soreness.
3. Increase peripheral nerves which parallel with capillaries. Every time we hammer, it will touch capillaries and peripheral nerves which can stimulate muscles as well.
4. Release pain from many causes.
4.1 Headache from nerve problem, migraine, brain degeneration, blur vision and hard of hearing.
4.2 Shoulder pain, neck sprain, shoulder tendon tightness, cannot move arm.
4.3 Tendon compression, back muscles tightness, scapular problem and back pain.
4.4 Lower back pain, spinal cord inflammation, cannot bend trunk easily.
4.5 Lumbar pain and nerve compression.
4.6 Thigh pain, Hamstring muscles tightness, cannot bend elbow, popliteus pain and patella dislocation.
4.7 Calf pain, tight, swell, sole pain and numbness.
4.8 Arm pain, elbow pain, arm numbness and hand numbness.

Tok Sen Wood Wedge
1. Tok Sen Wooden Hammer : big square head hammer diameter of 2 ½ inches with 4 inches long. Circle handle with 6 inches long and circle wedge hammer 6 inches long, diameter 1 ½ inches and head of wedge thick 2 inches.2 small towels.
2. Wan herbal oil coat before hammer. This oil will soften and strengthen tendon.
3. Wooden Hammer can help to treat knee pain, back pain, lumbar pain and all pain.Tor Hammer: appearance like square wood it’s the hammer to use with each line.

Additional information

Weight 1300 g
Dimensions N/A
Toksen tool

dumbbell L, dumbbell M-1, dumbbell M-2, dumbbell XL, flat hammer, four legs, round hammer, two legs L, two legs M, two legs S, Wedge flat, Wedge round