Taoist Products from Master Mantak Chia

You are in the online store for the Universal Heaing Tao of Master Mantak Chia. Here you may purchase any or all of the Taoist products created or authored by Master Chia: books and booklets about the Tao, equipment for your Taoist practice, DVDs about the Taoist practice, Chi Cards to prompt practitioners of the Universal Tao to a correct practice, books authored by senior Instructors, posters, post cards, and more.
Special Offer!! Only for UHT instructor and Tao Garden Owners as you are our Special Guest.   Note: Discount rate different by product! please check with Staff at Book Store

High Season [1Nov – 31Mar] & Low Season [1Apr – 31Oct]

  • Owner  -20%
  • Owner Friend  Full Rate
  • Associate Instructor  -10%
  • Certified Instructor  -20%
  • Senior Instructor  -40%
  • Practitioner  -10%

***Actually, for the return policy, we accept the return only from our products are damage or injury and also the return should be within 7 days when you receive our product.
The last condition for the return, the product need to be in the original package same as you receive the product.***