15-pages pdf with inner alchemy astrology personal chart




You can order here 15-pages pdf with IAA personal chart
(for Person’s name *Gender *Person’s date of birth * (any date 1900 – 2099) and Person’s hour of birth *)
generated offline and mailed by our worker to Contact name * Email *

On the chart you wil get your personal :
– 5 element make-up with 5 element percentages;
– very favorable, favorable, neutral and unfavorable element energies;
– Cosmic ID – 8 Numbers / 8 Trigrams;
– Organ Energy Analysis;
– calculations of clashes, trinities and combinations of the Branch Animals;
– Symbolic Stars.
See sample personal charts :
– Donald Trump
– Angela Merkel
– Margaret Thatcher

Please be patient, because the pdf generation process is made by real person.
You will receive an email with personal chart in between few minutes up to few hours.
Please check your spam folder, if you can’t find our email.
Please Double-check the Email address you have entered before you pay.

Here you can check your real solar time on your birthplace
This is the external site which can calculate your local solar time.
If you live in a country with DST(Daylight Saving Time) at the year you were born, you need to look at that.
Otherwise Chinese Hours are 2 Western Hours (e.g. 09:00 – 11:00)  so there is not always much of a difference.
There is a lot of information in your chart even if your solar time is not corrected.
If you don’t understand how to use this link – just use your birth time as in your birth certificate.
It is your responsibility to give us the correct solar time – we don’t check your real solar time for you here.
Doing a consultation or a IAA class will teach you more about solar time and ensure correct solar time calculation.



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