Basic Training II (With Sound Background) Play on Computer [SCD02]



The strength and vitality of your internal organs are the keys to the overall health of your body and to a large degree also of your psychological state. This slide presentation which Master Chia uses in his lectures all over the world, firstly incorporates the Six Healing Sounds. Both the right sound and practices are shown and much background material is given to deepen your understanding and practice. A large part of this background material is very new and derives from modern western science. Secondly this slide presentation incorporates the new form of the Microcosmic Orbit, opening to the Six Directions. In this new form one learns to open to and attract the cosmic energies in the universe all around us. All this energy is next circulated in the Microcosmic Orbit in the body in order to strengthen and balance the internal energies. Hooking up with the stellar energies, especially of the North Star and the Big Dipper, one learns how to initiate and maintain a true “born again: or ‘rejuvenating’ process. “Few instructors offer as comprehensive a course of study as Mantak Chia.” —American Journal of Acupuncture Master Mantak Chia is Chinese, born in Thailand. He is the direct successor to the teachings of Master Yi Eng, the White Cloud Hermit. Master Chia has brought these teachings to the world, personally instructing thousands of students each year in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. He is the author of over 20 practical Taoist books, booklets and the Universal Tao Publications Video, VCD, DVD and CD Library.

All have 158 pages.