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Cosmic Fusion Thai booklet explains the procedures to be followed to grow good virtuelcompassion energy and to open and clean the Thrusting Channels and the Belt Channel. The practices follow o­n from Master Chia’s first book in the fusion series, fusion of the Five Elements, where practices to draw out, blend, purify (using the pakuas) and transform negative energies are into another plane, the Mid-Plane. The opening of the Thrusting and Belt Channels permits a freer flow of energy throughout the body. The channels serve as connecting links between the organs and glands of the physical body and the transferred consciousness that is the energy body. Virtue energy, the energy of positive emotions, originates from the organs and glands in the same way as negative emotional energy and can be grown from within to provide healing power to the organs and glands. Moreover, virtue energy can be used to create a new pearl of compassion energy which can be used to create and fuel the soul body. This in turn nourishes the spirit body. The ultimate purpose behind the creation of an energy body is to provide the energy required to boost the spirit body out of the physical body. These opened channels can act as conduits which can boasted the spirit body to the Mid-Plane. The theory, meditation practices and procedures are clearly explained and are complimented by many diagrams and pictures. This booklet is designed so you can use it to do your practice at your home or anywhere in the world.

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