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The Cosmic Healing II slide presentation addresses mainly the Cosmic Chi Kung and Palm and Finger training, earlier known as Buddha Palm. It is a series of specific hand, arms and finger practices for opening up and strengthening the energy flow in the various channels a healer uses most often. The exercises are naturally divided according to the channels they address so that one can easily devise focused daily routines. In the slide presentation Master Chia practices the exercises with superimposed graphics depicting how the energy is supposed to flow. This is an important learning tool. “Few instructors offer as comprehensive a course of study as Mantak Chia.” —American Journal of Acupuncture Master Mantak Chia is Chinese, born in Thailand. He is the direct successor to the teachings of Master Yi Eng, the White Cloud Hermit. Master Chia has brought these teachings to the world, personally instructing thousands of students each year in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. He is the author of over 20 practical Taoist books, booklets and the Universal Tao Publications Video, VCD, DVD and CD Library.

All have 170 pages.

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