Cosmic Self-massage [BL35]


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In this booklet Virtually all Western massage is massage primarily of the muscles. Whatever its virtues, Western massage is altogether differrent frpm Chi Massage. Tao Rejuvenation employs o­ne’s own internal energy, Chi energy, to strengthen and rejuvenate the sense organs-eyes, ears nose, tongue, teeth and skin-and the inner organs. The techniques used by Taoists are some five housand years old and, until very recently, were closely guarded secrets. Often, too, each Master to a small part. Now master Chia has pieced together the entire system of Chi Massage in a logical sequence in such a way that o­nce you have it shown to you, you need o­nly five or ten minutes of practice daily. In short order you will note improvement in comp;exion, taste, vision, hearing, sinuses, gums, teeth, tongue, the internal organs and general stamina.

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