Inner Alchemy from the Stars [B52]


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The stars that govern our planet have many wise messages for us. Taoist or Chinese Astrology uses essential data from your first breath of air: the time, day, month and year of your birth. How these energies interact will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and events in your life.

Mantak Chia and Christine Harkness-Giles use these ancient methods with their understanding of Inner Alchemy Astrology, i.e. Taoist Astrology, which enhances, the Chi you are born with by using core Inner Alchemy practices – chi kung and meditations. Taoists believe that all life on this planet is made up of the Five Elements and by calculating your own Five Element Make-Up and enhancing it with the Inner Alchemy practices, you can achieve greater harmony in your life.

Many of Master Mantak Chia’s students across the world have had the chance to have a personal Inner Alchemy Astrology consultation with him during his teaching tours. They have been astounded by what he has been able to tell them, perfect strangers, about their lives and circumstances, from his interpretation of their birth chart. Many have come back to report the progress from following the Inner Alchemy practices recommended on the strength of the consultation.

For those who have not been able to benefit from a personal consultation, Mantak Chia has put a free Taoist Astrology calculation program on his website. This book explains simple interpretational techniques which you can use yourself with your Free Astrology Chart from the UHT website.

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