Mung Bean Hitter [CK4]

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Mung Bean Hitting practice, an ancient practice that in addition to repairing damaged tendons and joints also aids in detoxification and relieves constipation, stomach cramps, and headaches.

The ancient Taoists used mung beans to treat a wide variety of ailments and injuries, reaping many health benefits from them. They found that if any of the internal organs were poisoned, they could greatly assist in detoxification by simple applications of mung beans.
They also used mung beans to bring relief in cases of constipation, stomach cramps, and even headaches. However, the ancient Taoists soon discovered that mung beans were especially effective in the repair of damaged tendons and joints and the strengthening of healthy ones.

Tendon strengthening soon became the most recognized function of mung bean techniques, and these techniques were often combined with the practice of Tendon Nei Kung for martial arts training and maintaining general health.

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Weight 500 g
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