Simple Chi Kung [BL37]


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In this booklet you will learn a series of simple exercises which can be used as warm ups for higher Chi Kung practices. When the practitioner does these exercises, the body is prepared to handle the energy it is about to absorb and the circulation of Chi and blood throughout the body is facilitated. The exercises are easy to perform and are designed to loosen the joints and relax the muscles to improve the flow of Chi and blood. Every part of the body is given attention, and the exercises start with generalized “bouncing” to shake the joints loose and open them. The joints of the knees, hips and spine are worked, and these exercises are followed by breathing routines, then stretching, twisting and rotation exercises working o­n the tendons and ligaments in different parts of the body. Specific techniques for opening the Door of Life point and the Sacrum are illustrated in a clear step-by-step manner, and the booklet ends with an explanation of Bone Breathing and Bone compression. Practice of these warm up exercises will result in a deeper level of loosening in the body and an increased awareness of the body’s structure. The practitioner can then progress to practice of Iron Shirt Chi Kung with confidence.