Transform Stress into Vitality [B03]



Western medical doctors have o­nly recently discovered the disastrous effects o­n health of stressful living and their ways of coping with it are still in their infancy. They know nothing of the ancient, successful tradition of the Tao and its long record of transforming stress into vitality and power. Here, in this book, the Taoist way is set forth and illustrated. The meditation technique of the Inner Smile teaches you how to get in touch with your inner organs, feel love for them and smile to them, so that stress and negative emotions are transformed into creativity, learning, healing and peak performance energy. Here is also the Taoist way of the Six Healing Sounds, which help to cool down the systems, eliminate trapped energy, clean toxins out of the organs, and make it possible for organs to be in peak condition. Along with these ways, you are taught how to freely circulate your Chi energy throughout your Microcosmic Orbit. These are the Taoist foundations of true success, power and health. Master Mantak Chia, born in Thailand, comes from the ancient lineage of Taoist Masters, extirpated in China and now existing in dwindling numbers among the Overseas Chinese. He also has a Western education in anatomy and physiology. Now living in Northern Thailand, he has developed a clear and practical way of teaching this ancient wisdom, much of it hitherto kept secret. He is also the author of Awakening Healing Energy and Taoist Secrets of Love.