Uterus Chi Kung [B45]


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The authors Master Chia and William Wei have put together a simple and clear hands on approach to preventing Uterus Cancer from their experiences, teachings and practices while rejuvenating your sexual vitality and longevity.

Food and sex are humankind’s greatest appetites. From a Taoist’s point of view they are also our greatest healing exercises if we have the proper understanding and concept of how use them to heal our bodies. Through the Universal Healing Tao System as demonstrated in the Inner Traditions’ books from Sexual Reflexology (Uterus Exercises), Bone Marrow Nei Kung (Genital Massage & Chi Weight Lifting), Healing Love (Egg Exercise), Cosmic Detox (Uterus Cleansing) and Cosmic Nutrition (Uterus Herbal Remedies & Uterus Cancer Prevention Diet) we have assembled a sequence of Uterus Chi Kung daily practices that will balance and maintain a healing, functioning uterus from the ability to urinate properly while rejuvenating your sexual vitality.

Through the Uterus Chi Kung daily practices you will be able to break up any energetic blockages, open up the energetic pathways and maintain uterus functional ability into an advanced age (over a hundred) without surgery or loss of sexual energy or function. We feel with correct intention, training, daily practice and proper anti-cancer diet you can maintain your sexual life well into your advanced age without discomfort, pain or malfunction.

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