Chi Weight Lifting Bar and Silk Cloth



Attaching the Weight–Men
a. Position of the Weights
Chi Weight Lifting can be initiated from either a kneeling or standing position. (Fig. 1) If you cannot kneel, set the weight on a chair in front of you. It may be necessary to relieve the pressure of the weights quickly at times, particularly if they are too heavy and the knot beneath the testicles is tight.
For this reason, keep the weight close to a place where it can be quickly removed. Consider tying one end of the cloth to the ring while leaving the other end in a loop–folded beneath the knot–so that the knot will undo itself if that end is pulled.
b. Standard Method of Tying the Cloth
a kneeling or a standing position.
Warning: Do not tie the cloth around the testicles alone.

(1) Fold the cloth lengthwise several times to a width of about one inch. (Fig. 2) This creates a thick padding.
(2) Hold the cloth beneath the perineum, and bring it up behind the testicles. Be sure that the edge of the cloth is
folded away from the skin so that if does not cut into the groin.
(3) Wrap both ends of the cloth upward around the penis and testicles, and secure the cloth at the surface of the
penis base by tying a knot.
Note: If you prefer, you can place the cloth on top of the penis and tie the knot beneath the testicles. In either case,
the knot must eventually be positioned at the perineum. (Fig. 3)
(4) Move the knot behind the testicles and beneath the perineum. The ends of cloth should hang to the floor.
Before tightening the knot, you can use one end to create a loop between the knot and the groin so that the cloth and
apparatus can be quickly removed.
(5) Contract the muscles of the under trunk and tighten the knot. The penis and testicles should bulge slightly from
the pressure to insure against slippage. Do not cut off the circulation to the testicles.
(6) Tie one end of the cloth to the weight that you have placed on the floor, or on a chair.  If the weight is on the floor,
tie the cloth to it from a kneeling position.
(7) To remove the weight at the end of practice, kneel in front of the chair–or near the floor–and untie the cloth
attached to the holding apparatus, then remove the cloth from the groin.

Additional information

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 24 cm