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Darkness Technology Through this process we can gain inner peace and happiness. Everyone can also gain the ability not only to heal themselves, but others too. Naturally, the first step is to be at peace and be happy with ourselves as we work to accomplish our goals. Therefore, I have devised this meditation, which becomes especially profound when its effect is amplified by thousands of others in a Circle of Consciousness and Awareness. It is the Darkness Technology. It helps to understand the principle of fusing the three minds. Western science now knows there are three minds. The first mind is in the observing mind centered in the brain. The second is called the conscious mind centered in the heart. The third is the mind of awareness centered in the lower abdomen, that is, the abdominal brain. The three minds combine to fuse together in the abdomen, creating one mind. In Chinese this one mind is called Yi. The World Link of Protection Healing Meditation is a spiritual practice that takes around 15 to 30 minutes. When people from all around the world link together at the same time greatly empowered. It can be practiced easily even by those who have never worked with the Universal Tao practices.

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